Chicken Breast Recipe for Kids

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On July 12, 2012
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Mouth watering chicken breast recipe for kids!

A main dilemma most parents feel is when their kids don’t eat.   Worried moms try to make all sorts of yummies for their little fussy eaters but are mostly disappointed.

We all know how important nutrition is for health and longevity.  But the only seemed to be interested in only play as if exercise is their recipe for growth.

A good way to develop a child’s interest in food would be to involve them in preparing the food they eat.  In this manner as they would be associate more with the cooking process and thus, would be more interested in trying the outcome of their efforts.

Take your kids grocery shopping and have them lend a hand in placing ingredients in the cart, make them tow the cart (if they are old enough) or make them sit in the cart with the grocery (if they are small), help them sort, wash and store the shopping when you return.

Most children enjoy eating chicken so look for easy chicken recipes and try making them with your child.  You can get lots of recipes from cookbooks and a lot more are available online.  As a recommendation you can try Cilantro grilled chicken breast on Food network.  

 It is a fairly simple recipe with few ingredients and only requires 35 mins inclusive of preparing and cooking. Though it requires little firework still the kids should be assisted and supervised throughout the process.

Bon Appétit!