Cake Recipe: Children Cake Pops

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Chic Mom

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On July 13, 2012
Last modified:March 13, 2013


The word CAKE puts big smiles on most kids’ faces.  It reminds them of fun, party and birthdays.

Well it surely should put a smile on Mommies faces too as a cake is a healthy and nutritious food item.  Most people would categorize cakes into junk but I don’t seem to agree with them.  Give me one ingredient in it that is not healthy.  I think the mistake most people make is they blacklist some of the most popular child-friendly foods into junk.  They tend to forget that eating all the time is not unhealthy but eating too much cake is unhealthy.  All the ingredients which go into the baking of cupcakes are what most children require for regular growth.  So rather than saying certain foods like cake, burgers, fries are junk, parents should monitor how much and how frequent their kids are eating these foods.  Anything eaten as part of a balanced diet is healthy.

So mom and dad now that you have my license to let your child enjoy one of yummiest and healthiest food on earth make it part of their diet plan.

This healthy food can either be bought from your local bakery or easily made at home.

A cake recipe is simple and a variety of flavors and shapes can be made by altering the ratio of the basic ingredients.  You can find lots of recipes for cakes online at food network and allrecipes.

One of my favorites is Ashley’s Easy Cake Pop Recipe.

The cake pops can be easily made at home by following the simple instructions in the blog.  It was a big success last time I made them.  You can make a variety of pops by using different flavor cakes and decoration techniques.  One of my favorites is rolling the pops in colored sprinkles towards the end.

Happy baking!