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Chic Mom

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On July 16, 2012
Last modified:March 13, 2013


Videos and movies on IMBd can be an excellent way of spending long summer days for kids

Most parents and kids wonder how they are going to spend long summer vacations.

Well my suggestion would be to watch a good film each day and write a review about it.  This would not only help pass time in a fun way but help develop writing skills too. 

Children can make small cut out paper circles and write short reviews.  These circles and be chained together and made into a movie worm.

Imdb is an excellent source for this activity and an extensive  list of 100 great kids films allows a child to watch clips, photos, videos, news articles, full summaries and much more.  So kids hold on tight to your seatbelts and enjoy some of the most thrilling and adventurous kids movies online of all times.