Kids Health: Food and Vitamin

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On July 19, 2012
Last modified:March 13, 2013


Kids health is an important part of parenting.

If you are a parent then you’d defiantly be concerned about the health of your children.  I can bet you would have even spent lots of time searching online about healthy food recipes for your kids too.

Growing children need an abundance of balanced nutrition and vitamins to help them combat all the pollutants in the environment.   As a parent it is your duty to provide the right guidance and lead your child into eating healthy food with all the correct vitamin and nutritional value.

In order to guide your kids you first need to educate yourself about food and vitamin supplements.

Being a parent myself I have read many articles, blogs and websites but the most comprehensive details I found are available at:


A)     Kids Health It first explains what vitamins are then gives a detail of all the vitamins along with foods which contain them.  And the best part about this website is that if you are not in a mood to read you can simply click on the audio button and enjoy a recitation of the information.


B)      GNC All the food gurus agree on the importance of health benefits of vitamins in a kid’s life.  The children’s health section of GNC has locked all the required nutrition otherwise lacking in daily food into fun to eat preserves.  Focusing on children health GNC supplements come in the form of chewable soft gels and gummy bears with most kids can’t resist and thus are tempted to eat and help strength their immune system.