Children Car Games Online

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On July 24, 2012
Last modified:March 13, 2013


Children who don’t have access to the real big wheels fulfill this passion by playing car games online. Boys will always be boys and their innate adventure loving nature will always make them car lovers.

I find it a real sight when my three year old who can’t even read or write yet asks me to type car games in the browser.  Then without my help he clicks on any of the top listed games and starts playing them by icon and image recognition only.  One of his favorites which he enjoys the most is “rich cars 2” on Funny Car Games.

His tiny fingers move with such dexterity on the keyboard as if maneuvering a real wheeler.  The thrilling sound effects add to his excitement making him try again until he unlocks the next level.  I find these addicting games so helpful as they are the best baby sitter while I get to hangout on facebook.