Kids Watch Videos on Nick in the Morning

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On July 28, 2012
Last modified:March 13, 2013


Addict your kids to watch videos on Nick in the morning while you take some extra minutes of ‘zzzz!!!!

Like most other babies my 18 month old would wake up early in the morning around 6 a.m.  Once up, he would climbs out of his cot and wakes his 5 year old brother and we would end up having a play gym in our bedroom shortly after sunrise.

Being experimenting as I always had to with two kids around the house, I tried something new and owe so much to the thought now as it has helped me get a complete hour of extra sleep every morning.

Once the children are sleep at night I place their iPad by my elder son’s bedside.  This way when the little one crawls onto his brother’s bed in the morning they notice the iPad lying there and start to watch videos on it.

Their favorite is nick where they can either watch full episodes or clips of their favorite movies and shows.

It is a funny sight to see when both kids have their eyes glued to the electronic device so early in the morning.   The elder one who is also the ipad operator first puts on spongebob for his little brother.  Once the little one gets content they then switch to other free movies online such as the legend of korra, rags, iCarly, power rangers etc…

Thanks to nickelodeon for babysitting the children while I take some extra  zzz’!