Angry Bird: Kids Android Games

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Chic Mom

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On August 8, 2012
Last modified:June 12, 2013


Angry Bird surely get angry when the naughty pigs steal their eggs.  Each bird has a unique power to destroy the pigs’ fortresses.  This cute and entertaining physics based destruction of the pigs castles requires kids to explore their skill and logic.

Since Angry Birds is free on the android market it can be replayed over and over again until a child gains full command on how to catapult the pigs and complete all the levels.

The sound effects are amazing.  The birds’ funny high pitched screams and the snorting of the pigs make the game extreamly enjoyable.    The “Da, Da, dat dah. Dadda Dat dah ahhhhh” makes Angry Bird one of the most addicting games online available on android.


Keep looking for more to come on the android category!


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