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On August 18, 2012
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Whatsapp can help kids practice reading and writing skills

Most kids start recognizing alphabets by the age of 4 years and start reading and writing basic words around their 5th birthday.  Once children gets a good grasp of phonics and are able to formulate words and sentences they enjoy showing off their new capability by reading everything around them.  Parents generally feel proud of their little ones at this stage and provide tools and opportunities for their young ones to explore the new niche.

Along with traditional writing tools such as pencil and paper & chalk and board the kids of the new generation make great use of mobile phones.  Generally, kids of this age don’t have cell phones of their own but most have access to a parent’s phone.  Texting on cell phones allows children to enhance their reading and writing skills. Once a child understands how to text on a cell phone he enjoys messaging and replying promptly.

At this stage kids can text messages more than they can talk not knowing that each sms has a cost attached to it which their parents have to bear.

Well, smart parents who have smart kids and smart phones can avoid these charges by installing one of the best apps called WhatsApp.


Salient Features why kids should use WhatsApp:

– IT IS FREE: There are no charges on installing or using the app.  Kids can install it for free and polish their writing skills while chatting with their friends.  All you need is a 3G, EDGE or Wi Fi connection and your child is ready to text as much as he/she wants.

– NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Unlike other messengers,  WhatsApp is free for international texting too.  Kids can communicate across borders without putting burden on their parent’s wallet.

-EXCHANGE VIDEOS AND IMAGES: Children can share videos and images through a click on their Android phones.

-AUTO CONNECTS TO CONTACTS: The contacts list is automatically updated from your cell phone’s address book.  Those of your friends who are already using Whats App will be displayed.

-USES YOUR PHONE NO TO CONNECT INSTEAD OF PASSWORDS: It is very child friendly in that the kids don’t have to remember pins and passwords to connect.

– MESSAGE ARCHIVE EVEN WHEN YOU ARE OFFLINE: Even if you are offline or your phone is powered off due to low battery all your messages are archived and available once you reconnect.

– GROUPS: Kids can make numerous groups of their choice and enjoy group messaging.

– LAST SEEN: The last time each contact went online is visible

– ICONS AND WALLPAPERS: Children can choose from a variety of icons and wallpapers to decorate their profiles and groups.

So if you are a smart parent and have a smart phone then install WhatsApp and let your kids explore the world of free texting.

Runs on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia.

Click to install WhatsApp from Google Play.

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