Moshi Monster Cupcakes Recipe

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On August 20, 2012
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Moshi Monster Cupcakes

Ten year ago when someone would tell me ‘kids eat through their eyes’ I would laugh at them and think they have gone mad. Now that I have two kids of my own and know of the effort I have to put in to get my moshi monster cupckaes to eat, I realize what I was told a decade earlier.

Moshi Monster Cupcakes

Moshi Monster Cake

Mothers like me are in a constant effort to feed their fussy eaters.  We try to find new ways to attract children to food.

From my first hand experience with two kids I have learned a golden rule ‘Bait your child’s latest passion and encash it through cooking fun food.’  Well this simply means try to find out what your kid enjoys doing the most and theme his meals around that.

To give you an example my son has recently been addicted to playing games online.  His favorite game being Moshi Monster. In this game the children get to adopt and take care of Moshi Monsters and their babies called Moshlings. Moshi Monster has become so popular among kids that it has been called “Facebook for kids” and “the digital Disney”.

Now applying the golden rule I try to theme my children’s food around Moshi Monster.  I try to make a monster out of everything they eat.

Moshi Monster Cupcakes Recipe

An easy recipe you can also try is making Moshi Monster Cupcakes adopted from Kitchen Bitching. It is an easy and fun recipe and my kids loved it.

Well, this trick worked for my kids, now let’s see if it works for yours too!

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