Angry Birds: Back to School

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On August 21, 2012
Last modified:June 12, 2013


With summers just being over and all the kids talking about getting back to school, Rovio has taken the excitement a step further by adding version 2.5 update to the Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Seasons HD based on the ‘back to school’ theme.  This new edition includes 20 schoolyard levels to the game and a new member to the birds’ family called the ‘pink bird’.

The pink birds blows gusts of floating bubbles and uses them to drop boulders and other things as destruction techniques onto her opponent pigs’ territory.

The new soundtrack has once again cast a spell on the  ears of children and adults making it their favorite games online.

The release notes for this new updated read:

Pencils, apples, backpacks, playgrounds — it’s back to school time! But summer’s not over yet: we’ve got some spectacular surprises in store! Brighten your day with 20 brand new schoolyard levels, new bonus levels, and a BRAND NEW BIRD.

Puzzle through TWENTY brand-new school levels!

Say hello to the UPLIFTING new bird! She’s cute, pink, and bubbly — but watch out, this girl is no pushover!

The full game is available on the App store for $0.99 but this update is listed under free games for those who already own Angry Birds Seasons.

Click to download Angry Birds Back to School for Android from Google Play.


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