Play Moshi Monsters Cupcake Game Online

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Chic Mom

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On August 26, 2012
Last modified:February 28, 2013


Little kids are like moshi monsters and monkeys, they act and follow their parents.  Children enjoy playing pretend as it gives them a chance to mimic adults and improve their learning.

Just as boys who watch their dads being passionate about cars and love car games, girls want to be like their moms and enjoy playing cooking games.

Moshi Monsters Cupcakes is a fantastic game where children can act as mommy chefs and make yummy cupcakes, decorate them and then find out which cute little moshiling wants to eat them.

The instructions are very simple where you just have to drag all the given ingredients into a bowl and mix them with a spoon.  Next, you put the mixture into cupcake tins and bake them.  Last but not least, you decorate the cupcakes and see which moshiling you have attracted the most.  Each unique combination of cupcake and different decorations are for different Moshi Monsters Babies.

Moshi Monsters Cupcake Cheats:

  • Chop Chop

        Cake: All Type

Icing: Small spat, white Topping: One nut

  • Liberty

Cake: Vanilla Icing: Pink Topping: 3 Start Candies

  • ECTO

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Chocolate Topping: 2 sludge fudges & 2 chocolate chips

  • DJ Quack

Cake: Orange Icing: Small splat Pink Topping: 3 Scummi worms

  • TIKI

Cake: Plain Icing: Medium Swirl Topping: 1 Cherry

  • General Fuzuk

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Green Big Swirl Topping: 3 scummi worms

  • Dipsy

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Big Swirl Topping: 13 barfmallows

  • Squidge

Cake: Plain Icing: Pink Topping: Slop com and cherry

  • Sooki Yaki

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Pink

  • Shelby

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Green, medium swirls Topping: sludge fudge

  • Mr. Snoodle

Cake: Orange Icing: Chocolate Topping: Cherry

  • McNulty

Cake: All type Icing: None Topping: None

  • White Fang

Cake: Vanilla Icing: Chocolate big swirl Topping: One of each

  •  Jeepers

Cake: Plain Icing: White Topping: 4 star candies, 3 sludge fudges

  • I.G.G.Y

Cake: Vanilla Icing: small spat Topping: None

Play and enjoy feeding moshi monsters cupcakes to moshilings!