Dress up Games for Girls

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On September 1, 2012
Last modified:June 12, 2013


Dress up Games for Girls can be lots of fun!

Hey, girls!  You’v probably all probably played lots of games online.  Have you ever played games for girls only?  Today, I am going to tell you of a fun place where you can enjoy to dress up for a fun date.

Click on friv.com and wait for the page to load.  Soon you’ll find the screen filled with lots of tiny squares with images on them.  Use the mouse to move the arrow cursor to the bottom right of the screen.  Once you find a girls image with hearts in her eyes hit click and wait for a few seconds. You would soon be redirected to the famous dream date dressup game on girlsgogames

The best part about this game is that it can be played in one of the listed 19 languages of your choice.   Each time during play you are given a different mix of styles which you have to memorize within ten seconds and then replicate it using tools and accessories like scissors, flat irons, straightening irons, curlers, rod brushes, hair color, blowdryer, accessories and extensions.  Towards the end you can see if you are right on target or not to go onto the next date.

Enjoy your date!

Click now to play Dream Date Dressup Girl’s Style


[image source: http://www.frivclub.org/category/friv-for-girls/page/2/ ]