Moshi Monsters Cupcakes Cheats

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On September 6, 2012
Last modified:June 12, 2013


Looking for Moshi Monsters Cupcakes Cheats?

Peep into these cheats to get the moshilings of your choice.

  • Chop Chop

         Cake: All Type

         Icing: Small spat, white Topping: One nut

  • Liberty

Cake: Vanilla Icing: Pink Topping: 3 Start Candies

  • ECTO

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Chocolate Topping: 2 sludge fudges & 2 chocolate chips

  • DJ Quack

Cake: Orange Icing: Small splat Pink Topping: 3 Scummi worms

  • TIKI

Cake: Plain Icing: Medium Swirl Topping: 1 Cherry

  • General Fuzuk

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Green Big Swirl Topping: 3 scummi worms

  • Dipsy

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Big Swirl Topping: 13 barfmallows

  • Squidge

Cake: Plain Icing: Pink Topping: Slop com and cherry

  • Sooki Yaki

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Pink

  • Shelby

Cake: Chocolate Icing: Green, medium swirls Topping: sludge fudge

  • Mr. Snoodle

Cake: Orange Icing: Chocolate Topping: Cherry

  • McNulty

Cake: All type Icing: None Topping: None

  • White Fang

Cake: Vanilla Icing: Chocolate big swirl Topping: One of each

  •  Jeepers

Cake: Plain Icing: White Topping: 4 star candies, 3 sludge fudges

  • I.G.G.Y

Cake: Vanilla Icing: small spat Topping: None Play and enjoy feeding cupcakes to moshilings!


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