App for Curious Kids: Quora

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Chic Mom

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On September 19, 2012
Last modified:May 31, 2013


App Quora for Kids – Your are probably well familiar with the words WHAT and HOW if you have been around a young child.

Little kids wonder, ask question and learn by exploring. As a child develops and starts to talk he shows keenness in questioning and asking about everything around.  Their favorite words become ‘What is…?’ and ‘How…?’

Kids can complete this cycle of learning by a free app called Quora.  It can be downloaded from Google Play or directly onto your Android device.

Quora allows you to question and find answers to almost everything.  It is a “well of knowledge” which not only answers questions but also connects with friends and follows your kid’s favorite topics.  Now they can ask and learn all they want ranging from kid games, apps, recipes, children videos, health etc…

Try it now and don’t complain if you get addicted to it even before your kids!

Click Quora to download.


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