Dress Up Games: Kids Talk Like A Pirate

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Chic Mom

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On September 19, 2012
Last modified:May 31, 2013


Kids have always loved playing dress up games. They enjoy mimicking their favorite character by dressing up like them.  For centuries children have enjoyed imitated their parents and other role models.  They like getting creative and having fun with fashion while playing dress up games, makeover games and room designing.

Kids can enjoy this fun activity whenever they want and make it as creative as possible.  The joy is even more on special occasions such as Halloween and Christmas when there are numerous dress up props available in the market.

Kids who are looking for a unique idea can try “Talk Like a Pirate” theme.

How to Be and Talk Like A Pirate:

  • Be as colorful as possible so you look like a real Cap’n!
  • Cover one eye with a black patch and squint the other one
  • Carry a toy weapon
  • Make a parrot (real if you have one otherwise a stuffed toy would do too) sit on your shoulder
  • Piratespeak is loud, confident and full of growls.  
  • Use hand gestures
  • Use ‘yer, ye, ya’ instead of ‘you’ & ‘me’ instead of ‘I’
  • Uses ‘Ayyyye’, ‘Arrr’ and ‘Arghs’ as often as possible


 [image source: http://www.kidscostumeworld.com.au/blog/make-believe-with-kids-pirate-costumes ]