First Angry Birds Park for Kids Opens in Finland

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On September 20, 2012
Last modified:May 31, 2013


Angry Birds being the most popular and the world’s fastest growing mobile game opens new entertainment horizons for kids in Finland.  For years kids all over the world have fantasized going to Disney Land and many have actually enjoyed the fun at this amusement park.  The opening of Angry Birds Theme Park in Sarkanniemi in Finland gives kids and the theme park world an new


A joint venture of the Finninish playset manufacturer Lappset, Rovio, Sarkanniemi and BDR Design Group have opened the first official Angry Birds Land at the Sarkanniemi Theme Park, Finland.

Angry Bird Land, Sarkanniemi Adventure Park include:

  • 12 Theme Park Rides
  • a huge play area for children to climb, slide and ride made from their favorite mobile app game
  • spring rides
  • swings
  • tunnels
  • rope ladders
  • climbing towers
  • pig popper
  • slingshot carnival game
  • music and sounds from the game
  • restaurant
  • souvenir shop
  • large screens all over the park for children to play the original Angry Bird Game
  • color-coded grass: green grass ares for children age 3 and up and green grass for children 5 and up

Now instead of only playing the angry birds game online, kids can actually enjoy sliding and climbing around their favorite character rides for an entrance  fee of 10 euros.   They can make the virtual reality of Amazing Alex, Angry Bird, Angry Bird Seasons, Angry Bird Rio and Angry Bird Space come to life through this theme park.

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