Kids Autumn Collage: September 22

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On September 22, 2012
Last modified:May 31, 2013


Help your kids create an Autumn collage as a fun game on

September 22, the first day of Autumn!

Autumn is one of the four seasons which shows the transition form summer into winter.  September marks the beginning of Autumn and lasts through November till the beginning of Winters in December.

As the brutal summer season gets over kids get a chance to go out and enjoy the pleasant weather.  Kids take part in Autumn activities to help them keep busy as the nights get longer and the trees chance color.

The transition from warm to cold weather is associated with the Harvest Festival, Thanksgiving and Halloween which gives kids a great opportunity to celebrate themed around these events.

Kids can enjoy this simple fun activity to enjoy Autumn:

  1. Find pictures in magazines and newspapers that represent fall (e.g., colorful leaves, pumpkins, Halloween costumes, etc.).
  2. Glue them onto a sheet of paper.
  3. If your child enjoys this activity, he can make similar collages for the other seasons.

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