Cool Math Games: Papa’s Freezeria & Snail Bob

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On October 10, 2012
Last modified:May 28, 2013


Kids will always be kids and will always enjoy playtime be it physical-activities or online-activities such as playing cool math games.

The words ‘game’ and ‘play’ comes synonymously to the mind with the thought of children. As entrants into the world kids start exploring their surroundings through interactive activities.  As infants, they learn to play while kicking and giggling.  As babies, they develop their mental and motor skills through holding, walking, eating etc… And finally as older kids, they combine all that has been learned through their little journey into life and enter the game of life to play the role as young adults.

Along with physical games, kids spend a lot of time playing games online. Surprisingly, the most favorite online game topic for children seems to be math games. They want to play cool math games and spend hours searching for free games.

Through my research I have found two cool math games which seem to be quite popular among children.

Papa’s Freezeria:

  • Receive an order
  • Make ice-cream
  • Add topping
  • Deliver order
  • If done well you get a tip
  • Levels get difficult as more customers have to be dealt with simultaneously along with critics

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Snail Bob:

Snail Bob is planning to go to his grandpa’s birthday. Help him cross a jungle full of dangers to safely reach the party.

These strategy building games are a great aid to enjoy fun & cool math games. They help kids by empowering them with a know how of the real world through gaming.

Parents should take opportunity of this and provide their kids with an inspirational learning environment and help them connect with ideas that have real world applications. By playing games such as the above children experience real life problem-solving which enhances their day to day learning. The great use of technology through gaming is a powerful tool to educate children and prepares them for the years ahead.


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