Netflix “Just For Kids” Launched!

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On October 12, 2012
Last modified:May 28, 2013


Netflix has announced “Just For Kids” for iPad 2 and plans to launch it soon for the original iPad and Android tablets.

With more than 33 million members Netflix is a leader in the internet television network.  It allows members to watch almost anything on most internet connected screens.  This service gives the option to play, pause and replay watching without interruptions by commercials.

Netflix “Just For Kids” offers movies and TV shows for children under 12 years. Now kids can enjoy video steaming of their favorite videos and TV shows and watch movies online.

This child-friendly section is also available on Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, PS3, some smart TVs, Blue-ray players and the Netflix website.

How to Use Netflix Just For Kids:

  1. Subscribe and sign up on Just for Kids section on the Netflix website. For a small amount of monthly fee member kids can watch endless movies and TV shows over the internet.
  2. Connect you laptop to the TV via HDMI cable
  3.  Go to “Just for Kids” in the Media Center
  4. Select the movie you want to watch
  5. Enjoy safe viewing in a child friendly environment 

Netflix “Just for Kids” on Xbox Console:

  1. Install Netflix app on the Xbox
  2. Sign in Xbox LIVE
  3. Go to Video and select My Video apps and hit Netflix
  4. Select Netflix “Just for Kids” from “Select your Netflix experience”
  5. Search through the library select Play

The Just for Kids option provides parents with the comfort that their kids are not watching something that is not appropriate.  Parents don’t have to worry and monitor the games kids are playing on Xbox or iPad.


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