Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

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On October 20, 2012
Last modified:May 14, 2013


It time to go ‘trick or treating’ once again!

Halloween is enjoyed and celebrated equally by kids and grown ups.  As end October approaches the demand for fresh ‘jack o lanterns’ carved out of big pumpkins and Halloween costumes rises exponentially.

In contract to the typically monster, ghost and witch costumes this season the trend seems to take a new look.

Big Bird:

The presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama over cutting funds for PBS programs including Sesame Street on PBS kids has made Big Bird a Halloween hero.  All time kids favorite Big Bird costumes seem to be hitting the market and are ready to give the character a new life.


The sporty, stretchy morphsuits seem to be an important halloween party accessory this fall.  MorphKids, specially designed for kids provides children freedom of movement and a wide range of characters to choose from.  Halloween morphsuits come in a large variety ranging from glow in the dark, vampire, ninja, zombie, mummy etc…  Marvel characters from Avengers and monster high seems to be another big hit with children and parents this season.

Disney Princess:

An all time favorite of all girls seems to be Disney Princess costume.  Little girls like to be carried away into a fantasy world by wearing pretty layered dresses resembling those of a princess.  Every little girl wants to be either Cinderella, Snow White or Tangled Rapunzel.

Lady Gaga:

How can all those music fans out there miss being Lady Gaga this halloween.  All you need is a sleek dress, some heavy duty makeup a wig and voila!

Harry Potter:

A nice long robe and round glasses are an instant way to turn any child into Harry Potter’s magical world.

Angry Birds:

And how can anyone miss out Angry Birds this year.  Pack yourself in an Angry Bird costume and instead of shouting ‘trick or treat’ go ‘Da Da dat dah Dadda Dat dah ahhhh’!


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