Barbie Doll:Facts & Name List of 12 Dolls

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On October 24, 2012
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Barbie doll from Mattel has dominated the toy market since her inception in 1959. This fashion model has been one of the most favorite toy of every little girl. Over the years Mattel has added a lot of other dolls figures to this doll family and made it the most wanted attraction in girl kids collection.

Some Facts:

The first doll was a teenage fashion model sold for $ 3. Being popular from the beginning 300,000 dolls were sold in the first year. Over the years the doll has been made to represent 125 different careers. Figure measurements: 36-18-38 (real are 5-3 &1/4- 5 & 3/16 inches) Weight: 7 & ¼ ounces Height: 11.5 inches Legs: bendable Eyes: open and shut Body: moveable twist and turn at the waist Best selling doll: Totally Hair Barbie with hair from her head to her toes   A quick list of 12 of the most famous Barbie doll is listed below: Barbie – Barbara Millicent Roberts nicknamed Barbie is a sixteen year old teenage fashion model Ken – Ken Carson nicknamed Ken is the doll’s boy friend Skipper – Doll’s younger sister who is 10 years old Tutti – Younger sister Todd – Twin of Tutti and younger brother of Barbie-Doll and Skipper Francie – Cousin Jazzie – High school age cousin Todd – Ring Bearer doll Kelly/Shelly – Baby of this doll’s family. Toddler sister is Krissy – Infant doll Blaine – Barbie’s boyfriend when she has a breakup with Ken Chelsea – Introduced in 2010 Chelsea is another of Barbie’s sister. This blond doll with blue eyes is 6 years of age and replaces Kelly


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