Baby Products: Top Must Have in a Mom’s List

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Baby Products: Top Must Have in a Mom’s List

Expecting a new baby around the house? Parents-to-be find shopping for the newcomer as an exciting  aspect to parenting.  You may be attracted to all those beautifully displayed colorful racks full of baby products ranging from clothes, toys, accessories etc… But the question is what to buy and what not to? The shopping list can be endless with regard to the endless number of baby product companies, all trying to sell their products. How many bottles, shirts, diapers, will your little one need? The basic baby shopping list below can help you guide exactly what you will need initially.

A Mom’s List

baby grows/body suitsbaby positioing matbaby oil
bibs (lots and lots) very small size with and without plastic linning at backblanket / quiltlotions, moisterizers
cotton vestsshower seatalcohol swabs
caps, mitts, socksbottles (Avent) small 4 oz with nipple flow 2soaps, shampoos, gels, wash sponge
night suitsbottle microwave steam sterilizer (Avent)cotton buds
burp cloth / small towelsbottle washing brush (Avent)wet wipes
pantiesmilk dispenser containers (Avent)nail clippers
nursing brabottle washing detergentcolic aid (infacol)
breast padsfeeder drying racksaline drops
towel hoodedplastic water bottle to store watervicks
wash clothcotcomfort /antistatic
wee blockmattress for cotmild disinfectant/dettol
wrapping sheets flannelpillowpampers
wrapping sheets warmsheets for mattressdiaper disposing bags
car seatdiaper rash cream (sudo cream)
carry cotMaternity pads
push chair
changing mat waterproof
Formula milk
gripe water
night light
nose pump
nursing sling
thermometer (ear)
sling bag
baby moinitor / walkie talkie


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