Game Based Mobile Education

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 Game Based Mobile Education

Next Level for Kids Online: Combine Gaming and Learning


Game based learning (GBL) focuses on game play in an educational manner. The element of fantasy in games engages players in learning activities through a story line   While playing educational video games children express themselves while learning and engaging in social activities and develop an awareness of consequentiality. The high success rate of learning associated with GBL is a signal that conventional educational methods are not as effective as GBL.  Using games as a learning tool is a growing phenomena and is displaying positive results in those who use GBL and learn from it.

Keeping game based mobile education in mind Mango Learning™ has started a learning revolution in teaching and learning by involving industry experts in game development from around world and teaming them with education gurus to create a new platform for learning.  They have proven to be leaders in developing game-based, mobile learning as they are designing special educational products for smart phones, tablets and such devices.

The first of the many math games learning apps have been launched at the California School Boards Association in San Francisco and are available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon stores.

Mango’s co-founder Kevin Howell said: “A unique feature of Mango’s game-based math games and apps solutions are that they combine both principles-based and practice-based teaching methods in order to allow each child to retain knowledge, and advance towards mastery. Our programs allow children to learn by taking their own path at their own pace.”

Keeping game based learning in mind, the company is trying to combine fun, mobile, gaming and learning together for kids thus, making game based mobile education the next-level for kids online. GBL not only integrates fun and teaching, it also motives kids to learn new concepts and encourages them to grow by learning from their mistakes.

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