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On December 9, 2012
Last modified:May 14, 2013


Sometimes it’s good to slow things down and Snail Bob can help kids with this!

With rate of change and the amount of tools and applications which have been available on the internet over the past couple of years life has become pretty complicated.  Many kids are simultaneously excited by the possibilities that arise as a result but are easily overburdened too.  One major complaint most parents have is the difficulty in choosing the right tools and games for their kids to invest their time in as there is all sort of stuff hanging on the net.

Remote from the boisterous games is a tranquil game called Snail Bob which teaches kids many skills throughout its playtime. It is a series of three puzzle games Snail Bob, Snail Bob 2 and Snail Bob 3 in which you have to guide Bob the snail. He is on a mission and needs help.

Snail Bob:

The slimy snail needs a new house and the kids have to guide him using different tools to find a new adobe through each level of his journey. Children press buttons and control various physics mechanisms to safely guide the snail to the exit. The faster the snail reaches the end the more points are made.

Snail Bob 2:

Bob the snails is once again in danger. A dangerous forest stands between him and his Grandpa’s birthday party. We have to help him safely creep through the screen levels of this physics point and click puzzle game. It’s our job to figure out how to get him to the birthday party safely.

Snail Bob 3:

Help poor Snail Bob to escape a hot spot – the desert by avoiding harmful traps and run to the exit.

The game series is an excellent learning tool which the kids can use to enhance their analytically ability in a calm and quite manner.

Try it @ Snail Bob on Cool Math Games and let me know your feedback!


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