Math to Create Cartoons for Kids!

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On January 16, 2013
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Kids, did you know Math is used to create Cartoons?

Kids, ever wondered how the amazing world of animation is made? Do you know that mathematics plays an important role in the creation of cartoon?

Special animation software is used to make special effects in motion pictures and cartoons making them look as realistic as possible.  The developers have to know the math of how stuff bends, flexes and shakes in-order to make cutting-edge visual effects.

Engineering and expert computer skills are required to compute how a virtual building collapses on screen in a convincingly real manner.  Virtual blocks and forces simulate the crumbling act of a falling building.  Upon collapse, thousands of computer drawn pieces fall with such skill that it is hard to separate illusion from reality.

Programmers who themselves as kids have grown-up watching cartoons and movies try to animate effects which not necessarily can happen in real life but can look natural on screen such as a character walking up a wall.

Experts stress on two important skills needed to work in a digital movie studio: Communication and Word Problems.

Communication is important as creating visual effects is a team job between programmers and animators.

Word Problems is also critical as effects such as a mouse chasing a cat has to be translated into numerical terms (mathematics) so the computer can create the images.

Mostly cartoons are complex three dimensional objects using geometric shapes such as polygons.  Drawing an image of a room with four walls involves math problems like geometry and rations.  The walls, floors and ceiling are rectangles and the size of each is determined by ratios.

So children, next time you tune into your favorite show on Disney and Nick, try to figure out how some of the most memorable smashes, crashes and dashes are made into visual effects with the help of math and brought to the movie screen for you to enjoy!


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