Google Glasses to Hit the Market Soon

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Chic Mom

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On January 20, 2013
Last modified:May 15, 2013


Once again the search giant Google has taken future into its hands by creating Internet-connected glasses that show digital information right in front of your eyes, projected over the physical world!

Google is in the first stage of a new project called “Project Glass” in which you simply have to wear a pair of glasses and access the the internet to do your homework, a research paper, or simply a video hangout with your friends.   You can even take pictures with an in-built camera in these glasses and share them instantly with your friends.

Google Glasses Explorer Edition would only be available for trial to US Google Software Developers at a price of USD 1,500 early this year.

So kids, hang around for more news on this project as it is likely to hit the market by end this year.  Till then just imagine how cool it would simply be to have your favorite cartoon and games always playing in-front of your eyes…difficult to believe eh?…..well, its almost here!


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