Education: How to Attract Kids to STEM?

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Education: How to Attract Kids to STEM

Science, Technology, and Engineering & Math?


Education: Most kids are generally scared away by subject names such as science, technology, engineering and math STEM education.  They are only introduced to theory through textbooks and are supposed to understand the logic and concept on their own.  Better yet, if little children were let to experiment and see the cause and affect themselves.  They should be given the opportunity to build robots, make websites, collect bugs and dig in the dirt to make explosions.  Only when given a free hand to explore would a child be able to understand how things really work and that is all what science, technology, engineering and math ie STEM education is all about.

The following guidelines can help STEM education more appalling for kids:

  • Make Practical Theory in Action Link with kid-fascinating topics and challenges – Bait daily routine activities with challenging thinking
  • Pose Who, How, What, When, Where, Why questions – Ask questions starting with these words and make them find solutions.  Ask children why birds fly, who invented electricity etc…
  • Encourage children to apply the concepts they learn and reward them to make it memorable learning
  • Field trips – Actual trips to factories and places teach is an excellent method of teaching and long lasting memory

  • Gamification– The brain is more receptive to learning during games so make a game for all activities.


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