Cinderella: Kids Disney Story with a Moral Lesson

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Cinderella lives a happy life with her mother and father till her mother dies.  Her father remarries and brings a cruel stepmother and two stepsisters into her life.  Things get even worse when her father also passes away and Cinderella is made a virtual servant in her own house.

Her step-family makes her do all the chores around the house. They themselves wear good clothes and eat delicious food giving her only rags to wear and leftover to eat.  The poor girl who has no one to turn to does all that she has is asked while sobbing quietly. The only thing that keeps Cinderella alive is hope through her dreams that her prince charming would come along and free her from the constant torment.

In the meantime, the King wants to find a bride for his prince.  He invites every maiden in the kingdom to a fancy ball so his son can choose a bride for himself.  The step-mother and the step sisters are very excited at the invitation but deny Cinderella the permission to attend the ball.  Cinderella again sobs quietly and continues as she is ordered. She knows she would never be allowed to go and even if was, she would not have anything appropriate to wear.

Cinderella, watches in despair, as her step sisters get ready and leave without her.  Just then a Fairy Godmother appears transforming Cinderella’s hope and ragged dress into a beautiful ball gown and glass slippers. The Fairy warns Cinderella to be back by midnight as the magical spell would be over.

Free from all her burdens Cinderella dances with the handsome Prince who instantly falls in love with her. All of a sudden, the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella runs home keeping the Fairy Godmother’s warning in mind.  As she rushes out she forgets one of the glass slippers at the castle’s stairs.

The Prince, who is madly in love with Cinderella, sends his men with the slipper to find out who it belongs too.  After a long search they arrive at Cinderella’s house.  First, her evil step sisters try it but it does not fit them.  And when Cinderella put her foot into the glass slipper it fits her so well that the prince marries her immediately and they live happily ever after.

The lesson kids can learn from this fairy tale is:

One should never give up and fight evil through hard work and a good heart.

As in the case of Cinderella, she looks forward and dreams of the possibilities of a better life and maintains an optimistic attitude while holding onto hope.

The Disney Movie for this story depicts the theme very well and leaves a long lasting impression of good vs. evil on kidsChildren learn the importance of hard work and its reward towards the end as in the case of the Disney Princess Cinderella.

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