VIDEO GAMES: How to Reduce the Time a Kid Spends Playing

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On April 12, 2013
Last modified:May 15, 2013


VIDEO GAMES Challenge: Living in a digital world surrounded by iPads, android smart phones, wi fi etc…it becomes a challenge on how to reduce the time a kid spends playing video games.

Parents complain about wanting to do activities with their kids but surrender when children prefer to play computer games.

Here is a list of ideas which can help you cover this gap:
  • Provide Better Alternatives- Suggest activities involving the entire family such as board games, the swimming, picnics, walks etc…
  • Check on what kind of games the kids are playing – Encourage them to educational and strategy building games such as Game of Thrones, math games, dress up games, car games and cooking games. 
  • Restrict and put limitations only to an extent.  DO NOT overboard which might lead to alienation and more conflict.
  • Decrease their access to gaming devices
  • Define the problem YOU have with your kids playing video games and think of a strategy with an alternate- Are they lacking in physical activities, socialization or studies?
  •  Put time limits on ALL activities so the children learn to value playtime.
  •  Provide equally entertaining alternatives
  •  Propose gaming as a reward- Tell kids they can only play once they finish their homework.
  •  DO NOT BUY your child additional games- So when they complete certain levels they won’t have a choice of continue to play.  This way the child will automatically develop and interest in other activities too.
  •  Pre-select the game you permit your child to play- Some games such as Angry Birds can be played infinitely thus, making the last proposition difficult.
  •  Encourage them to play games which have a positive social impact- Moshi Monsters is a good example where kids learn social skills by adopting monster moshilings.  In continuation, they can make Moshi Monster Cupcakes and enjoy a healthy meal. 
  •  Set time limits for internet access to the kids’ devices.  Since each computer has a unique MAC address you can specify the routers to set what hours each computer has access to the net.  And without the internet kids would have no interest in a computer. 
  •  Instead of watching their favorite videos and movies online encourage kids to watch them on TV- Get them a CD of Cinderella, watch Disney and Nick rather than hooking onto PBS Kids and youtube.
  • Plan an outdoor trip and ask the kids to write a journal story


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