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Luis Tanner is a child start who has been awarded as the youngest TV presenter of his own show.  He hosts “Cooking for Kids” a cooking series for pre-schoolers on Nick Jr.

Luis, is the Guinness World Record holder as the youngest television presenter and chef of his own TV program in the world.

His first show was recorded on July 7th 2003 at the age of 5 years and 68 days and aired on Oct. 25th 2004 when he was only 6 years and 168 days old.  In the show Luis, prepares and cooks simple recipes for kids such as scrambled eggs, tortillas, dumplings, cheesecake etc…Luis has been nominated as one of the most favorite TV presenter.

“Cooking for Kids with Luis” has won two TV awards which include “Most Outstanding Australian Production – Short Form” and “Most Outstanding Australian Production – Kids”.

Nick TV is an all time favorite TV channel among young kids.  Children of all ages enjoy watching their favorite shows ranging from animated videos to live talk show specially made for them.  The channel has provided career opportunities to young and old alike.

Facts for Kids:

Title: Youngest Child Host

Name: Luis Tanner

Date of Birth: May 9th, 1998

Nationality: Australian

Show: Cooking for Kids

Channel: Nickelodeon

First Recorded: July 7th, 2003 at the age of 5 years & 68 days

Kids with a little ‘personality charm’ can find many opportunities to act in commercials and TV shows.  With an abundant sprout of upcoming channels more children are seen in advertising than in the past.

It has been observed kids pursuing a commercial acting career learn poise and self confidence which can last a lifetime.  Many kids can even have successful TV careers in future TV and movie roles.   And the best reward a child gets from acting on TV is the money he makes.

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