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Music can be enjoyed by every child who has the ability to listen.  A form of art through pitch, rhythm, timer & texture and the basic elements of melody, harmony and rhythm give birth to a unique combination of sound called music.

Kids who have the ability and interest in music should start learning to play an instrument from childhood as their sponge-like brains are more receptive to picking up new things. Parents should help foster their kids’ musical aptitude by encouraging them to learn any musical instrument of their choice such as a GUITAR, PIANO or a DRUM.

Children, want to know how to play the guitar? Continue reading and click on the links below for a complete guide on what a guitar is and how to play it especially designed for young kids.

A GUITAR is a wooden musical instrument played by strumming or picking nylon strings along a fretted neck which sends vibrations along the sound board.

A typical guitar has the following parts:


How to Play Guitar?

Well, it’s very simple. All you have to do is:

1)      Buy a guitar

2)      Learn how to use guitar tabs

3)      Learn finger placements

4)      Start Strumming

5)      Count every beat and beat-off

6)      Stay consistent

7)      Practice Cords

8)   Learn common major cords

9)   Practice getting a clean sound

12)   Learn to play some songs


If you have a finally bought a guitar and would like to learn to play it online then a highly recommended website would be

It is a free online guitar lessons website especially designed for kids.  Grab your guitar and follow Andrew Keppie, a professional guitarist and teacher.

Andrew very skillfully in ten easy lessons teach kids the parts of a guitar, how to hold a guitar and pick, how to tune a guitar, how to read tablature, and play easy and popular songs on different strings and cords.  He even gives a demonstration of how to play Gangam Style.