How to Draw Ben 10

 Learn how to draw your favorite Cartoon Network Character Ben 10

Drawing is a form of therapy helping kids express their feelings and chronicle happy and sad moments of life.

As part of every skill, the important part of learning how to draw is practice but another essential factor is having good guidelines to help you put your imagination onto paper.

So let’s not waste time and follow these easy to follow step by step guide to learn how to draw some of your favorite dreams.

For all of you kids out there who have been watching ben 10  turn into alien creatures by using his Omnitix watch here is a chance to make your own sketch!


Follow these easy steps to Learn How to Draw Ben 10

  1. Draw an oval to get the basic shape of a face
  2. Sketch a line starting from the top of the oval to the bottom so the oval is divided in half
  3. Make a small curved line which will later be defined to make the mouth
  4. A semicircle on the right side of the face is drawn to represent an ear
  5. Eye sockets are drawn in line with the ears
  6. Complete the eyes by drawing the eyebrows and details on the cartoon as in ben 10 alien games
  7. Shape the lips by making a wavy line and an earlobe
  8. Define the eyebrows to give Ben 10 a frown
  9. Draw a ‘C’ like shape above the lips and in alignment with the initial curve bisecting the oval to highlight the nose
  10. Highlight and define the lower part of the oval to resemble that of ben 10 ‘s chin and cheek
  11. Trace over the semi-circles representing the ears and a few details to make it more realistic
  12. Starting from a little left of the initial oval draw the top of the head with spiky hair of your favorite character
  13. Children, continue above the eyes to outline the lower part of the head with a bang like cut
  14. Now that the face resembles more or less with our desired cartoon character draw two curved lines one on each side below the face to outline a shoulder and shirt
  15. Add further lines to make the shirt more realistic
  16. Next, draw an arm and a hand to add action
  17. Finally, draw three rounded rectangles where the hand joins the arm to make a omnitrix watch
  18. To complete the omnitrix watch add four curves on the outside just as benten appears in the cartoon network games
Now that you have learned how to draw ben 10 ultimate alien, you can paint / color to make posters and tattoos!