How to Draw Cars

Kids, are you ready with your pen and paper to learn how to draw another of your fantasies – “Cars”!

But before we get started let me ask you a question – Why to boys prefer to play with cars and wheeled toys as compared to girls?

Children develop their understanding of gender at a very early age and begin to define themselves as girls/boys. They are hardwired to find out who they are categorize ‘girl toys’ and ‘boy toys’.

The most common toys girls play with are dolls and boys with cars and balls. Likewise, when it comes to drawing boys show a preference in cars and wheels.  Their inner artists beam with pleasure as they try to lay their obsession with cars on paper.

But the challenge for most of these young kids is that they don’t know how to draw and thus are driven away from their motivation to draw.

Keeping this in mind we have developed a simple step by step guide to help children learn how to draw cars so they can put their imagination on a test drive.

Follow these steps to learn the basics of drawing a car:

  1. Draw an open face curve facing downwards
  2. Make a rounded rectangle to form the body of the car
  3. Sketch windows between the body and the roof
  4. In the space left to the right of the windows draw the windshield
  5. Place two circles for the wheels at the lower part of the body
  6. A line beneath the car gives the perspective of a road
  7. Complete it with the front and rear wheels hidden behind the car
  8. Draw a door Place a door
  9. Add a rounded rectangle at the front
  10. To finish with draw two small circles for the headlights

And da da da…your car is ready to roll.  Fuel it with colors and let your imagination drive it!