Disney Cars Birthday Party

Join us to get rolling ideas on a Disney Cars Birthday Party! On your marks, get set, Vroom, Vroom, Vroom…..

What better way to embark on a birthday party than the theme: Disney Cars

Fasten your seat belts as you ride through this post to learn some fun and easy tips & tricks to make birthdays special for car loving kids.

Budget: Set a budget range for the event

Guests: Make a list of guests to be invited. Keep a provision for siblings and baby sitters.

Theme: Sit with your child and decide on what the party theme should be. Don’t suggest, rather let them come up with ideas. A theme does not necessarily have to be what is on your mind but could be anything the child is inspired by. If your child chooses the theme ‘Disney Cars’ then follow the track below

Invitations: Initiate the birthday party excitement by designing thrilling DIY cards. Take a picture of your child riding a car. Using your favorite photo editor add captions and party details such as name, time, venue, RSVP etc… Be creative by using phrases such as ‘Vroom over and Race to Charlie’s 3rd Birthday Party’. Instead of putting the invitations into envelopes make them look like VIP passes for the guests. Punch holes and put a lanyard/ribbon for the kids to wear around their neck.

Games: Start the party engines by playing car games.

  • Outline a car on a large wall size paper. Have the kids paint it.
  • Similar to musical chairs make the little champs zoom around car tires and play Musical tires. Use soundtracks from the Disney car movie.

Food: Make the food look appealing as most kids eat through their eyes. Honor your little host by making the table look like a pit stop.

  • Use black and white checkered street fabric as table cloth.
  • Find matching paper plates, cups and napkins either with the check print or any other representing the car theme.
  • Print the word ‘Fuel’ on a sticker sheet, cut-out the little lables and attach them to water bottles.
  • Cut-out small flags from the street fabric, attach them to toothpicks and place them on finger food such as cookies and cupcakes.

What is a birthday without a cake? The most awaited attraction of any birthday is the cake. Instead of buying an expensive cake you can make a simple sponge cake at home. Decorate it by piping a simple road track and placing a small car on it. You can also search for car related pictures from the internet, print it on edible paper and place over the cake.

Cars Party Favors: Its always nice to give your guests a little party favor to take home. A nice suggesting would be to buy plastic containers with cars pictures. Stuff them with small toy cars & goodies and tie a long string balloon to each. Hand them to the kids as they leave the party.

Decorate with Birthday Wishes: The best way to decorate your child’s birth would be to make them feel special. Make them happy by printing praising birthday wishes as banners and hang them all around. The sky is the limit and you know how to please your little source of joy but here are some suggestions.

  • Thank you ‘kid’s name’ for bringing so much joy and happiness into our lives
  • Cross the road into a new year with the best birthday wishes
  • Tons of hugs and kisses for the cutest ‘kid’s name’
  • Balloons, Candles, Cakes, Gifts, Cars and Friends and all wish you a joyous year ahead
  • Happy Birthday!